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About GenTech

What We Do

GenTech is a professional site acquisition provider. We serve our clients by navigating complex regulatory frameworks to deploy future technologies. While our primary focus is on wireless technologies such as small cells and 5G, our team can implement site acquisition projects for all types of emerging technologies.

Why GenTech

GenTech accelerates its clients' revenues by employing a unique approach to site acquisition. We call it "extreme ownership." Our mission is to serve clients with unparalleled excellence by holding ourselves and our vendors accountable to deliver results on time and on budget. 


Site Selection & Feasibility


 The initial candidate selection process is a critical aspect of a cost-effective deployment strategy. Our team brings a thoughtful and analytical approach to identifying candidates based on access to power, backhaul, and regulatory conditions. By carefully assessing these criteria, our team can reduce deployment timelines and accelerate revenues.

Leasing & Zoning


A project's success starts with a clear roadmap so the whole team can navigate toward a common goal. Our approach is to research, synthesize, and simplify each jurisdiction’s rules and permitting expectations. We are expert at converting complex municipal code provisions and permitting guidelines into a simple playbook that clearly outlines the permitting process.

Design & Engineering


Our team understand the RF component to wireless deployments, and therefore we strive to maximize our client’s investment in its network. We have vast experience working directly with RF Engineers from all four wireless carriers. By collaborating with the technical lead for a market, we are able to better serve our client's network goals.

Regulatory Compliance


Wireless infrastructure triggers a host of environmental and compliance regulations. Our team has worked with all relevant government agencies and has successfully navigated these complex regulatory frameworks. 

Project Management


Organization is key in this business. GenTech provides end-to-end project management for our clients, and we ensure accountability for all projects. We use cloud-based tools to forecast, organize, and track deliverables. We also host reporting calls with clients and provide regular updates and analytics.



GenTech is comprised of legal and industry professionals that are immersed in the wireless deployment arena. We offer consulting services to support existing projects and plan for future projects. GenTech seeks strategic partners to navigate the industry's constant legal and regulatory pivots.

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